Record of Race Results

Race Results

View the results from every race on record starting from the year 1983 until present date.

National Penny Farthing Championship

1983John Wigzell, SADaryl Forest, SAChris Clemons, Tas.
1984Alan Kloester, SAPeter Woof, Tas.Guy McQuilkin, Tas.
1985Alan Kloester, SAPhil McDonald, VicGreg Sando, SA
1986Doug Pinkerton, Eng.Alan Kloester, SAPhil McDonald, Vic
1987Nick Bromage, Eng.Michael Doube, SADoug Pinkerton, Eng.
1988Doug Pinkerton, Eng.Stephen Wigzell, SAPaul Smith, Eng.
1989Danny Clarke, TasDoug Pinkerton, Eng.Matthew Driver, ACT
1990Doug Pinkerton, Eng.Matthew Driver, ACTMichael Doube, SA
1991Matthew Driver, ACTDoug Pinkerton, Eng.Trevor Driver, ACT
1992Doug Pinkerton, Eng.Brendan McCarrison, QldBrett Richardson, Qld
1993Phil Tuck, TasMitch Patsiavas, NSWDavid Minter, Qld
1994Brett Richardson, QldMichael Doube, SAMichael Sullivan, Tas
1995Josef Zimovcak, CzechJon Hume, NZBrett Richardson, Qld
1996Josef Zimovcak, CzechBrett Richardson, QldMichael Sullivan, Tas
1997Stephen Passlow, WABrett Richardson, QldGeoff Olsen, NSW
1998Brett Richardson, QldStephen Passlow, WAPhillip Dixon, NSW
1999Sean Hennessy, VicBrett Richardson, QldStephen Passlow, WA
2000Sean Hennessy, VicRyan Sullivan, TasPhillip Dixon, NSW
2001Sean Hennessy, VicRyan Sullivan, TasDarryn Pugh, Tas
2002Ryan Sullivan, TasPhillip Dixon, NSWDarryn Pugh, Tas
2003Sean Hennessy, SARyan Sullivan, TasDarryn Pugh, Tas
2004Patrick Jones, NSWDavid Browne, NSWDarryn Pugh, Tas
2005David Browne, NSWSteven Gray, VicPatrick Jones, NSW
2006Patrick Jones, NSWSteven Gray, VicDavid Browne, NSW
2007Sean Hennessy, SASteven Gray, VicDavid Browne, NSW
2008Huw Morgan, NSWSteven Gray, VicHeath Blair, Tas3.38.00
2009Huw Morgan, NSWSteven Gray, VicJames Fowler, NSW3.32.22
2010Huw Morgan, ACTGray McKinnel, NZSteven Gray, Vic3.25.53
2011Gray McKinnel, NZDoug Gray, VicPeter Jones, Tas3.33.68
2012James Fowler, NSWGray McKinnel, NZDarryn Pugh, Tas3.20.48
2013Sean Hennessy, SADavid Browne, NSWJames Fowler, NSW3.23.06
2014Ryan Sullivan, TasDavid Browne, NSWJames Fowler, NSW3.26.59
2015James Fowler, NSWSam Tully, QldDarren Singline, Tas3.28.47
2016James Fowler, NSWDarren Singline, TasRyan Sullivan, Tas3.18.72
2017Darren Singline, TasAdrian Hamilton, NSWJames Fowler, NSW3.23.00
2018James Fowler, NSWRyan Sullivan, TasAdrian Hamilton, NSW3.21.23
2019Tim Nash, VicJames Fowler, NSWDarren Singline, Tas3.20.00
2020Tim Nash, VicJames Fowler, NSWRyan Sullivan, Tas3.21.00
2022James Fowler, NSWSimon Weir, ACTTim Nash, VIC3.16.00

Ladies Penny Farthing Championship

1983Kay Pickett, TasJanis Grave, SAGrace Vogt, SA
1984Suzanne Blayney, TasCharlie Farren, VicKay Pickett, Tas
1985Suzanne Blayney, TasCharlie Farren, VicJenny Garden, Tas
1986Charlie Farren, VicGill Head, TasLyndal Jenkins, Vic
1987Susie Gray, SAGill Head, TasCharlie Farren, Vic
1988Susie Gray, SAGill Head, TasSusan Southern, SA
1989Gill Head, TasHarley Joss, TasCharlie Farren, Vic
1990Gill Head, TasPerri Richardson, QldCharlie Farren, Vic
1991Gill Head, TasPenny French, TasJoanne Orr, Vic
1992Gill Head, TasSally Thomson, NSWJoanne Orr, Vic
1993Gill Head, TasSally Thomson, NSWSheryn Ryan, Qld
1994Gill Head, TasSally Thomson, NSWPenny French, Tas
1995Gill Head, TasSally Thomson, NSWHarley Joss, Tas
1996Gill Head, TasSally Thomson, NSWPip Sutherland, NZ
1997Pip Sutherland, NZSally Thomson, NSWKristi Richardson, Qld
1998Nicky Armstrong, WAPip Sutherland, NZSally Thomson, NSW
1999Nicky Armstrong, WAKristi Richardson, QldCharlie Farren, Vic
2000Kristi Richardson, QldCharlie Farren, VicJanis Munro, Vic
2001Nicky Armstrong, WACharlie Farren, VicJanis Munro, Vic
2002Nicky Armstrong, WASally Dillon, VicCharlie Farren, Vic
2003Sally Dillon, NSWNicky Armstrong, WACharlie Farren, Vic
2004Bel Chamberlain, VicCharlie Farren, VicJanis Munro, Vic
2005Megan Webb, NSWSally Dillon, NSWSally Thomson, NSW
2006Bel Chamberlain, SAEve Dodds, NSWMadeleine Pickering, UK
2007Bel Chamberlain, SAJanis Munro, VicMadeleine Pickering, UK
2008Bel Chamberlain, SASally Dillon, VicJanis Munro, Vic
2009Bel Chamberlain, SASally Dillon, NSWJayne Rutter, Qld2 01.91
2010Amy Vesty, NSWKat Jungnickel, UKSally Dillon, Qld1.52.56
2011Bell Chamberlain, NSWCarmen Stephens, NSWLeona Clarke, Vic2.16.84
2012Sally Dillon, QldBell Chamberlain, NSWCharlie Farren, Vic2.02.31
2013Kat Jungnickel, NSWSally Dillon, QldCannon O'Saurus, Vic1.49.75
2014Sally Dillon, QldFiona Harding, QldJoanne Junor, Vic2.08.13
2015Joanne Junor, VicFiona Harding, QldAudrey Farthing, Vic2.06.59
2016Sally Dillon, QldJoanne Junor, VicAudrey Farthing, Vic1.57.15
2017Joanne Junor, VicCatherine Talbot, WAChristine Smith, NSW2.10.70
2018Sally Dillon, QldClare Maynard, TasFiona Harding, Tas2.01.85
2019Lizanne Fox, NSWClare Maynard, TasBridie Maynard, Tas1.59.00
2020Lizanne Fox, NSWBridie Maynard, TasClare Maynard, Tas1.59.00
2022Lizanne Fox, NSWBridie Maynard, TasClare Maynard, Tas2.05.00

Junior Penny Farthing Championship | Under 18

1984Jane Ferguson, VicAdrian Parker, NSWCharles Armstong, Vic
1985Peter Jessop, SAAdrian Parker, NSWPeter Waddle, Tas
1986Peter Waddle, TasPeter Jessop, SAAdrian Parker, NSW
1987Peter Waddle, TasPiers Vellacott, VicLyndal Jenkins, Vic
1988Paul Smith, EngTrevor Driver, ACTPiers Vellacott, Vic
1989Matthew Driver, ACTPiers Vellacott, VicSean Sullivan, Tas
1990Piers Vellacott, VicRobert Ford, NSWJenny Driver, ACT
1991Mitch Patsiavas, NSWSean Sullivan, TasPaul Danelutti, NSW
1992Mitch Patsiavas, NSWPaul Danelutti, NSWRobert Ryan, Qld
1993Mitch Patsiavas, NSWPaul Danelutti, NSWEvan Ryan, Qld
1994Evan Ryan, QldDwayne Homan, TasSteven Driver, ACT
1995Dwayne Homan, TasSteven Driver, ACTSheryn Ryan, Qld
1996Stuart Jany, TasDwayne Homan, TasSteven Driver, ACT
1997Stuart Jany, TasPhillip Dixon, NSWSean Hennessy, Vic
1998Sean Hennessy, VicSimon Passlow, WAPhillip Dixon, NSW
1999Sean Hennessy, VicRyan Sullivan, TasDavid Clark, WA
2000Sean Hennessy, VicRyan Sullivan, Tas
2006Steven Knight, NSWJared Robertson, Tas
2007Jared Robertson, TasSteven Knight, NSWJacob Brown, Tas

Junior Farthing Championship | Under 16

2002Jared Robertson, TasChristopher Smith, Tas
2003Jared Robertson, TasOliver Dexter, VicJesse Paramour, Tas
2005Jared Robertson, TasSteven Knight, NSWNatalie Latham, Tas
2007Jacob Brown, TasJoanna McColl, Qld
2011Molly Bolwell, VicCaleb Bolwell, VicCalum McClintock, Tas
2019Tom Thomson, QldBridie Maynard, TasEthan Ellul, NSW1
2020 Bridie Maynard, TasGeorgia Brockman, VicTom Cogger, Tas
2022Meg McClintock, TasBridie Maynard, TasBen Cogger, Tas2.52

Junior Boys Penny Farthing Championship | Under 16

2009Dylan Murach, TasTasman Dillon-Hines, NSW
2010Tasman Dillon Hines, QldCaleb Bolwell, VicCalum McClintock, Tas
2012Calum McClintock, TasCaleb Bolwell, VicJoel Young, SA
2013Caleb Bolwell, VicCalum McClintock, TasJoel Young, SA
2014Tasman Dillon Hines, QldCalum McClintock, TasBanjo Dillon Hines, Qld
2015Joshua Junor, VicCalum McClintock, TasCaleb Bolwell, Vic
2016Bradley Junor, VicSam Mahboub, NSWBanjo Dillon Hines, Qld
2017Bradley Junor, VicSam Mahboub, NSWJoshua Junor, Vic
2018Banjo Dillon Hines, QldSean McClintock, TasEthan Ellul, NSW

Junior Girls Penny Farthing Championship | Under 16

2009Joanna McColl, QldKathleen Bennett, Vic
2010Molly Bolwell, VicKathleen Bennett, VicKaitlyn Ross, Vic
2012Molly Bolwell, VicMatilda McClintock, TasKathleen Bennett, Vic
2013Molly Bolwell, VicMatilda McClintock, Tas
2014Molly Bolwell, VicJemma Blair, Tas
2015Molly Bolwell, VicMatilda McClintock, TasAmy Land, Tas
2016Marguerite McClintock, TasMolly Bolwell, VicMatilda McClintock, Tas
2017Marguerite McClintock, TasAyla Junor, Vic
2018Marguerite McClintock, TasMolly Bolwell, VicClare Maynard, Tas

Junior Penny Farthing Championship | Under 12

2019Sam Mahboub, NSWMarguerite McClintock, TasSean McClintock, Tas1.14
2020Amelia Mahboub, NSWMeg McClintock, TasSean McClintock, Tas1.46
2022Sean McClintock, TasBibiana Cloudsdale, TasMaddison Ellul, Nsw1.34.00

Veterans Penny Farthing Championship | Over 50

1984Norm Lemin, VicHarry Clarke, VicNeil Ferguson, Vic
1985Harry Clarke, VicNorm Lemin, VicNeil Ferguson, Vic
1986John Wigzell, SAJohn Pinkerton, Eng.Harry Clarke, Vic
1987John Pinkerton, Eng.Nolan Bay, USAHarry Clarke, Vic
1988Jack Castor, USAJohn Wigzell, SAHarry Clarke, Vic
1989Donal Lemin, VicJohn Wigzell, SAGraeme Milburn, Tas
1990Jack Castor, USAHarry Clarke, VicAlan Sumner, NSW
1991Stan Rumble Jnr. NSWAlan Sumner, NSWRon Stevenson, Tas
1992Jack Castor, USAAlan Sumner, NSWRon Stevenson, Tas
1993Harry Clarke, VicAlan Sumner, NSWJack Castor, USA
1994Jack Castor, USAHarry Clarke, VicAlan Sumner, NSW
1995Michael Doube, SAJack Castor, USAAlan Sumner, NSW
1996Michael Doube, SAIan Bray, VicJack Castor, USA
1997Michael Doube, SAIan Bray, VicPhillip Levi, SA
1998Phillip Levi, SAIan Bray, VicJohn Hennessy, Vic.
2006Peter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, TasHans Jany, Tas
2007Steven Gray, VicPeter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, Tas
2008Steven Gray, VicPeter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, Tas
2009Steven Gray, VicDoug Gray, VicJohn Bennett, Vic1.45.6
2010Doug Gray, VicSteven Gray, VicJohn Bennett, Vic1.49.84
2011Doug Gray, VicJohn Bennett, VicNeil Stephens, NSW1.50.62
2012Steven Gray, VicDarrell GalpinDoug Gray, Vic1.47.28
2013Doug Gray, VicDarrell Galpin, TasJohn Bennett, Vic1.47.63
2014Darrell Galpin, TasDoug Gray, VicJohn Bennett, Vic1.49.47
2015Darrell Galpin, TasJohn Davey, NZJohn Bennett, Vic1.51.37
2016Phillip Stones, TasDarrell Galpin, TasJohn Davey, NZ1.47.20
2017Paul Antonello, VicPhillip Stones, TasJohn Davey, NZ1.58.64
2018Paul Antonello, VicPhillip Stones, TasBrett Richardson, Qld1.54.65
2019Nick Willey, QldPhillip Stones, TasBrett Richardson, Qld1.55
2020Phillip Stones, TasBrett Richardson, QldPatrick Innes, Vic2.01
2022Jeff McClintock, TasPhillip Stones, TasPatrick Innes, Vic1.50.00

Veterans Penny Farthing Championship | 50 - 54

1999Stephen Passlow, WAMichael Sullivan, TasPeter Jones, Tas
2000Stephen Passlow, WAPeter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, Tas
2001Michael Sullivan, TasPeter Jones, TasHans Jany, Tas
2002Michael Sullivan, TasPeter Jones, TasHans Jany, Tas
2003Peter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, TasHans Jany, Tas

Veterans Penny Farthing Championship | 55 - 59

1999Ron Whitehead, NSWJohn Hennessy, VicRon Webster, NSW
2000Michael Doube, SAFrank Heard, QldJohn Hennessy, Vic
2001Michael Doube, SAIan Bray, VictoriaPaul Farren, Victoria
2002Michael Doube, SAIan Bray, VictoriaPaul Farren, Victoria
2003Michael Doube, SAIan Bray, VictoriaGarry Clark, WA
2004Peter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, TasIan Bray, Vic
2005Peter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, TasHans Jany, Tas.

Veterans Penny Farthing Championship | Over 60

1995Harry Clarke, VicFred Howard, QldNorm Lemin, Vic
1996Alan Sumner, NSWNolan Bay, USAPeter Matthews, Ireland
1997Harry Clarke, VicAlan Sumner, NSWTom Atkinson, WA
1998Alan Sumner, NSWJack Castor, USABob Cations, Vic
1999Jack Castor, USATerry Gibbs, NSWAlan Sumner, NSW
2000Joe Cox, WAJack Castor, USARon Whitehead, NSW
2001John Hennessy, VicTerry Gibbs, NSWJack Castor, USA
2002John Hennessy, VicAlan Sumner, NSWDaryl Forest, Sth Aust
2003Alan Sumner, NSWDaryl Forest, SAJohn Hennessy, Vic
2004Daryl Forest, Sth AustAlan Sumner, NSWRon Webster, NSW
2005Michael Doube, Sth AustJohn Hennessy, VicDaryl Forest, Sth Aust
2006Michael Doube, Sth AustDaryl Forest, SARon Webster, NSW
2007Ian Bray, VicDaryl Forest, SAJohn Hennessy, Vic
2008Ian Bray, VicDaryl Forest, SAPaul Farren, Vic.
2009Peter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, TasDavid Pell, Vic2.00.6
2010Peter Jones, TasDavid Pell, VicMichael Sullivan, Tas1.56.09
2011Peter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, TasRon Webster, NSW2.12.72
2012Peter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, TasDavid Pell, Vic1.54.91
2013Peter Jones, TasDavid Pell, VicBarry Korsch, NSW1.57.69
2014Hugh MacLaurin, NSWPeter Jones, TasMichael Sullivan, Tas1.54.00
2015Hugh MacLaurin, NSWPeter Jones, TasJohn Bennett, Vic1.50.81
2016John Bennett, VicMurray Scott, VicHugh MacLaurin, NSW1.50.81
2017Hugh MacLaurin, NSWRay Patton, NSWMichael Sullivan, Tas2.02.69
2018Josef Zimovcak, CzechHugh MacLaurin, NSWMichael, Sullivan, Tas1.48.62
2019Doug Gray, VicNick Willey, QldNeil Dawson, NSW1.53
2020Nick Willey, QldNeil Dawson, NSWPeter Radcliff2.00
2022Doug Gray, VicNeil Dawson, NswBrett Richardson, Qld1.51.00

Veterans Penny Farthing Championship | Over 70

2006Peter Matthews, IrelandAlan Sumner, NSWCol Gibson, NSW
2007Peter Matthews, IrelandAlan Sumner, NSWCol Gibson, NSW
2008Alan Sumner, NSWPeter Matthews, IrelandCol Gibson, NSW
2009Alan Sumner, NSWCol Gibson, NSWTony Cooper, SA
2010Alan Sumner, NSWDavid Axon, VicTony Cooper, SA
2011Daryl Forest, Sth AustAlan Sumner, NSWStephen Baldock, Tas2.09.87
2012Daryl Forest, Sth AustJohn Hennessy, VicAlan Sumner, NSW2.12.51
2013Daryl Forest, Sth AustJohn Hennessy, VicAlan Sumner, NSW2.23.94
2014Phillip Hall, TasDaryl Forest, Sth AustAlan Sumner, NSW2.18.06
2015Austin Danelutti, NSWDenis Mahboub, NSWPhillip Hall, Tas2.08.28
2016Austin Danelutti, NSWDenis Mahboub, NSWIan Bray, Vic1.54.30
2017Murray Scott, VicAustin Danelutti, NSWIan Bray, Vic2.14.50
2018Ian Bray, VicDenis Mahboub, NSWAustin Danelutti, NSW2.07.28
2019Murray Scott, VicPhil Jurd, NSWMichael Sullivan, Tas2.08
2020 Murray Scott, VicPhil Jurd, NSWMichael Sullivan, Tas2.01
2022Nick Willey, QldPeter Radcliffe, VicMichael Sullivan, Tas2.01.00

The Slow Race

1983Ian Armstrong, VicJohn Wigzell, SANorm Lemin, Vic
1984Ian Armstrong, VicAlan Kloester, SAAdrian Parker, NSW
1985Ian Armstrong, VicAdrian Parker, NSWPeter Jessop, SA
1986Ian Armstrong, VicDavid Jenkins, VicAdrian Parker, NSW
1987Ian Armstrong, VicAdrian Parker, NSWDavid Jenkins, Vic
1988Adrian Parker, NSWDavid Jenkins, VicDoug Pinkerton, Eng.
1989Brett Richardson, QldDoug Pinkerton, EngIan Armstrong, Vic
1990Brett Richardson, QldTrevor Driver, ACTBrendan Dillon, Vic
1991Sean Sullivan, TasBrett Richardson, QldAdrian Parker, NSW
1992Sean Sullivan, TasBrett Richardson, QldDoug Pinkerton, Eng.
1993Mick Debreceny, NSWSteve Bartier, NSWMitch Patsiavas, NSW
1994Evan Ryan, QldMick Debreceny, NSWSheryn Ryan, Qld
1995Jon Hume, NZJohn Rapson, NZTrevor Driver, ACT
1996Trevor Driver, ACTAlan Sumner, NSWDon Speden, NZ
1997Sheryn Ryan, QldJames Allen, USAMichael Heaton, Qld
1998Andy Doube, SAMichael Sullivan, TasRobert Wegener, Vic
1999Andrew Wegener, QldDarryn Pugh, TasDennis Bunn, WA
2000Andrew Wegener, QldBrendan Dillon, VicIan McColl, Qld
2001Andrew Wegener, QldRyan Sullivan, TasDarryn Pugh, Tas
2002Andrew Wegener, QldAlan Sumner, NSWDarryn Pugh, Tas
2003Brendan Dillon, VicDarryn Pugh, TasAndrew Wegener, Qld
2004Darryn Pugh, TasJeff McClintock, TasBrendan Dillon, Vic
2005Brendan Dillon, VicAndrew Wegener, QldDavid Browne, NSW
2006Brendan Dillon, VicSteven Knight, NSWPatrick Jones, NSW
2007Andrew Wegener, QldJared Robertson, TasRod Hollingsworth, NSW
2008Darryn Pugh,TasAndy Doube, SAIan McColl, Qld
2009Jeff McClintock, TasDarryn Pugh, TasEd Radclyffe, ACT
2010Jeff McClintock, TasAndy Doube, SADarryn Pugh, Tas
2011Jeff McClintock, TasGrant Maynard, TasGray McKinnel, NZ
2012Jeff McClintock, TasLindsay Munks, NSWGray McKinnel, NZ
2013Grant Maynard, TasJohn Davey, NZDarryn Pugh, Tas
2014Jeff McClintock, TasDarryn Pugh, TasGrant Maynard, Tas
2015Darren Singline, TasJeff McClintock, TasGrant Maynard, Tas
2016Darren Singline, TasJeff McClintock, TasDarryn Pugh, Tas
2017Darren Singline, TasJeff McClintock, TasPhillip Stones, Tas
2018Grant Maynard, TasCalum McClintock, TasJeff McClintock, Tas
2019Calum McClintock, TasJeff McClintock, TasWade Briton, Tas
2020Nic McLaughlin, NSWJeff McClintock, TasCalum McClintock, Tas
2022Calum Evans (McClintock), TASJeff McClintock, TASGrant Maynard, TAST

The Slalom

1983Ross Vogt, SADavid Fewster, SAPeter Woof, Tas
1984Alan Kloester, SAPeter Woof, TasIan Armstrong, Vic
1985Peter Woof, TasIan Armstrong, VicPhil McDonald, Vic
1986Peter Woof, TasGuy McQuilkin, TasJohn Wigzell, SA
1987Alister Murray, VicGreg Sando, SAAdrian Parker, NSW
1988Stephen Wigzell, SADoug Pinkerton, Eng.Alister Murray, Vic
1989Stephen Wigzell, SADoug Pinkerton, Eng.Piers Vellacott, Vic
1990Doug Pinkerton, EngMatthew Driver, ACTTrevor Driver, ACT
1991Doug Pinkerton, EngTrevor Driver, ACTMatthew Driver, ACT
1992Trevor Driver, ACTMatthew Driver, ACTDoug Pinkerton, Eng
1993Trevor Driver, ACTPaul Danelutti, NSWMitch Patsiavas, NSW
1994Trevor Driver, ACTPaul Danelutti, NSWMitch Patsiavas, NSW
1995Trevor Driver, ACTEvan Ryan, QldMitch Patsiavas, NSW
1996Mitch Patsiavas, NSWPaul Danelutti, NSWTrevor Driver, ACT
1997Michael Heaton, QldPaul Danelutti, NSWMitch Patsiavas, NSW
1998Phillip Dixon, NSWNoel Sutherland, NZSally Thomson, NSW
1999Phillip Dixon, NSWMichael Doube, SADarryn Pugh, Tas
2000Phillip Dixon, NSWDarryn Pugh, TasStephen Passlow, WA
2001Phillip Dixon, NSWMichael Doube, SAJeff McClintock, Tas
2002Phillip Dixon, NSWMichael Doube, SARodney Bracken, Tas
2003Phillip Dixon, NSWDarryn Pugh, TasJeff McClintock, Tas
2004Darryn Pugh, TasPeter Jones, TasHeath Blair, Tas
2005Darryn Pugh, TasDavid Browne, NSWHans Jany, Tas
2006Phillip Dixon, NSWDavid Clark, NSWDavid Browne, NSW
2007Peter Jones, TasDavid Browne, NSWGrant Maynard, Tas
2008Darryn Pugh, TasGrant Maynard, TasHeath Blair & Lyall Dean, Tas
2009Grant Maynard, TasRyan Sullivan, TasPeter Jones, Tas10.72
2010Darryn Pugh, TasHeath Blair, TasJeff McClintock, Tas10.5
2011Grant Maynard, TasJeff McClintock, TasPeter Jones, Tas11.09
2012Jeff McClintock, TasGrant Maynard, TasDarryn Pugh, Tas
2013Grant Maynard,John DaveyDarryn Pugh, Tas
2014John Davey, NZJeff McClintock, TasDarryn Pugh, Tas10.03
2015John Davey, NZGrant Maynard, TasDarren Singline, Tas
2016John Davey, NZDarryn Pugh, TasCalum McClintock, Tas
2017Calum McClintock, TasJeff McClintock, TasJames Fowler, NSW10.04
2018Calum McClintock, TasGrant Maynard, TasJeff McClintock, Tas11.45
2019Jeff McClintock, TasCalum McClintock, TasNick McLaughlin, NSW10.28
2020Calum McClintock, TasJeff McClintock, TasGrant Maynard, Tas
2022Calum Evans (McClintock), TasGrant Maynard, TasJeff McClintock, Tas9.93.00

The Sprint

1983John Wigzell, SAPeter Woof, TasGuy McQuilkin, Tas
1984Peter Woof, TasAlan Kloester, SADaryl Forest, SA
1985Peter Woof, TasAlan Kloester, SAGuy McQuilkin, Tas
1986Doug Pinkerton, Eng.Alan Kloester, SAPeter Jessop, SA
1987Peter Jessop, SAPeter Waddle, TasAlan Kloester, SA
1988Doug Pinkerton, Eng.Stephen Wigzell, SAAlister Murray, Vic
1989Stephen Wigzell, SAMatthew Driver, ACTTrevor Driver, ACT
1990Matthew Driver, ACTTrevor Driver, ACTDoug Pinkerton, Eng
1991Doug Pinkerton, Eng.Matthew Driver, ACTTrevor Driver, ACT
1992Matthew Driver, ACTDoug Pinkerton, EngTrevor Driver, ACT
1993Mick Debreceny, NSWEvan Ryan, QldMitch Patsiavas, NSW
1994Evan Ryan, QldPaul Danelutti, NSWMick Debreceny, NSW
1995Evan Ryan, QldTrevor Driver, ACTMitch Patsiavas, NSW
1996Trevor Driver, ACTBrett Richardson, QldMitch Patsiavas, NSW
1997Brett Richardson, QldMitch Patsiavas, NSWMichael Heaton, Qld
1998Stephen Passlow, WASimon Passlow, WAAndrew Wegener, Qld
1999Phillip Dixon, NSWStephen Passlow, WAStuart Jany, Tas
2000Sean Hennessy, VicAndrew Wegener, QldBrett Richardson, Qld
2001Sean Hennessy, VicLyell Dean, TasTim Stirling, Vic
2002Heath Blair, TasJeff McClintock, TasDarrryn Pugh, Tas
2003Sean Hennessy, VicPhillip Dixon, NSWDarryn Pugh, Tas
2004Stuart Jany, TasHeath Blair, TasJeff McClintock, Tas
2005Heath Blair, TasStuart Jany, TasShayne Robertson, Tas
2006Heath Blair, TasBrett Richardson, QldDavid Clark, NSW
2007Sean Hennessy, VicGray McKinnel, SAStuart Jany, Tas
2008Michael Cowan, NSWHuw Morgan, NSWJared Robertson, Tas
2009Jared Robertson, TasJeff McClintock, TasGray McKinnel, SA20.19
2010Gray McKinnel, NZJames Fowler, NSWJohn Bennett, Vic17.81
2011Gray McKinnel, NZJeff McClintock, TasDan Bolwell, Vic19.28
2012Gray McKinnel, NZJohn Davey, NZHeath Blair, Tas19.09
2013Sean Hennessy, SAJohn Davey, NZGray McKinnel, NZ18.23
2014John Davey, NZDavid Browne, NSWDan Bolwell, Vic19.9
2015Darren Singline, TasJohn Davey, NZSam Tully, Qld18.54
2016Darren Singline, TasJohn Davey, NZPhillip Stones, Tas18.53
2017Darren Singline, TasCalum McClintock, TasPhillip Stones, Tas19.01
2018Nic McLaughlin, NSWTim Nash, VicAdrian Hamilton, NSW18.95
2019Nic McLaughlin, NSWTim Nash, VicCalum McClintock, Tas18.75
2020Darren Singline, TasCalum McClintock, TasTom Thomson, Qld20.03
2022Calum Evans (McClinktock), TasSimon Weir, ACTDarren Singline, Tas20.03

The Ladies Sprint

2000Pip Sutherland, NZKristi Richardson, QldNicky Armstrong, WA
2011Bell Chamberlain, NSWCarmen Stephens, NSWAudrey Farthing, Vic22.28
2012Sally Dillon, QldBell Chamberlain, NSWCarmen Stephens, NSW21.69
2013Kat Jungnickel, NSWSally Dillon, QldKathleen Bennett, Vic21
2014Sally Dillon, QldCarmen Stephens, NSWJo Junor, Vic22.78
2015Joanne Junor, VicAudrey Farthing, VicFiona Harding, Qld21.98
2016Joanne Junor, VicSally Dillon, QldMolly Bolwell, Vic21.06
2017Joanne Junor, VicCatherine Talbot, WAMichelle Chia, Singapore20.35
2018Molly Bolwell, VicClare Maynard, TasAudrey Farthing, Vic23.5
2019Lizanne Fox, NSWBridie Maynard, TasClare Maynard, Tas22.06
2020Lizanne Fox, NSWJoanne Junor, VicBridie Maynard, Tas21.44
2022Lizanne Fox, NSWBridie Maynard, VicClare Maynard, Tas20.91

The Relay

Harry ClarkePeter WoofJohn Wigzell
Norm LeminGuy McQuilkinDaryl Forest
Ian ArmstrongChris ClemonsDavid Fewster
Paul FarrenMichael SullivanJohn Grave
Peter WoofHarry ClarkeNorm Lemin
Guy McQuilkinPaul FarrenDon Lemin
Chris ClemonsIan ArmstrongNeil Ferguson
Michael SullivanPhil McDonaldJane Ferguson
Peter WoofAlan KloesterHarry Clarke
Guy McQuilkinPeter JessopIan Armstrong
Michael SullivanGreg SandoPhil McDonald
Chris ClemonsDarryl ForestAlister Murray
Alan KloesterPeter WoofHarry Clarke
Peter JessopGuy McQuilkinIan Armstrong
Michael DoubeChris ClemonsPhil McDonald
John WigzellMichael SullivanDon Lemin
Michael SullivanDoug PinkertonHarry Clarke
Peter WaddleJohn PinkertonPhil McDonald
Gill HeadNick BromageIan Armstrong
Jonothan DavisNolan BayAlister Murray
Alan KloesterDoug PinkertonMichael Sullivan
John WigzellDavid PinkertonPeter Waddle
Stephen WigzellPaul SmithGill Head
Susie GrayTony DeadmanLionel Cooper
Michael SullivanHarry ClarkeDoug Pinkerton
Peter JonesPaul FarrenJohn Pinkerton
Peter WaddleDon LeminStephen Wigzell
Rodney BrackenAlister MurrayJohn Wigzell
Michael SullivanHarry ClarkeDoug Pinkerton
Rodney BrackenIan BrayDavid Jenkinson
Gill HeadDon LeminJack Castor
Peter JonesPiers VellacottJacques Graber
Michael SullivanPaul DaneluttiStan Rumble
Rodney BrackenGeoff OlsenAlan Sumner
Gill HeadGeorge PapasAustin Danelutti
Phillip TuckMitch PatsiavasAdrian Parker
Michael SullivanMitch PatsiavasRob Millin
Rodney BrackenPaul DaneluttiMichael Heaton
Phillip TuckGeoff OlsenGill Head
Peter JonesGeorge PapasRon Stevenson
Michael SullivanMitch PatsiavasDavid Nyman
Rodney BrackenPaul DaneluttiRon Stevenson
Rob MillinGeoff OlsenGill Head
Phillip TuckGeorge PapasMichael Heaton
Mitch PatsiavasMichael SullivanBrett Richardson
Paul DaneluttiRodney BrackenEvan Ryan
Geoff OlsenRob MillinIan McColl
George PapasPeter WaddleTrevor Ryan
Michael SullivanBrett RichardsonJosef Zimovcak
Rodney BrackenMichael HeatonAntonin Mittlebach
Peter JonesEvan RyanJiri Ulhir
Rob MillinRobert WegenerZbynek Symek
Michael SullivanJosef ZimovcakMitch Patsiavas
Rodney BrackenPavel ProchazkaPaul Danelutti
Peter JonesManfred CizekGeoff Olsen
Stuart JanyGeorg CsikyGeorge Papas
Michael SullivanMitch PatsiavasBrett Richardson
Peter JonesPaul DaneluttiMichael Heaton
Stuart JanyGeoff OlsenIan McColl
Rodney BrackenGeorge PapasTrevor Ryan
Michael SullivanGeoff OlsenBrett Richardson
Rodney BrackenPhillip DixonIan McColl
Peter JonesGeorge PapasTrevor Ryan
Stuart JanyAlan SumnerAndrew Wegener
Michael SullivanRodney BrackenRobert Wegener
Peter JonesHeath BlairSean Hennessy
Stuart JanyRob MillinGreg Nunn
Ryan SullivanDarryn PughTim Stirling
Michael SullivanPhillip DixonRobert Wegener
Peter JonesDavid BrowneSean Hennessy
Stuart JanyNick BocockTim Stirling
Ryan SullivanGeorge PapasSteven Gray
Sean HennessyDarryn PughPhillip Dixon
Tim StirlingPeter JonesDavid Browne
Doug GrayGreg NunnGeorge Papas
Steven GrayRodney BrackenTerry Gibbs
Greg NunnRodney BrackenAlan Sumner
Darryn PughHans JanyGeorge Papas
Heath BlairPeter JonesDavid Browne
Ryan SullivanMichael SullivanPhillip Dixon
Greg NunnAlan SumnerRodney Bracken
Darryn PughGeorge PapasHans Jany
Heath BlairDavid BrownePeter Jones
Ryan SullivanPhillip DixonMichael Sullivan
Heath BlairMichael SullivanGarry Clark
Darryn PughHans JanyDavid Clark
Lyall DeanRodney BrackenIan McColl
Peter JonesJeff McClintockStuart Jany
Heath BlairShayne RobertsonAndrew Wegener
Darryn PughJared RobertsonIan McColl
Greg NunnHans JanyBrett Richardson
Peter JonesStuart JanyAndrew Wegener
Phillip DixonHeath BlairGarry Clark
David BrownePeter JonesBrett Hogan
Patrick JonesDetlef MurachDavid Clark
George PapasJared RobertsonBrett Richardson
David BrowneLyall DeanJared Robertson
Steven KnightGrant MaynardMichael Sullivan
James FowlerPeter JonesHans Jany
Simon LlewellynGreg NunnStuart Jany
James FowlerDarryn PughMichael Sullivan
Huw MorganHeath BlairHans Jany
Tim LlewellynLyall DeanStuart Jany
Michael CowanPeter JonesJared Robertson
Darryn PughHans JanySally Dillon
Heath BlairMichael SullivanEugen Schilter
Peter JonesJared RobertsonRod Hollingsworth
Grant MaynardRyan SullivanChristian Lees
Darryn PughSteven GrayHuw Morgan
Heath BlairDoug GrayJames Fowler
Peter JonesDarren WilliamsChristian Lees
Jeff McClintockJohn BennettAmy Vesty
Steven GrayMichael SullivanGeorg Csiky, Germany
Doug GrayPeter JonesPhillippe LeBlond, Canada
Darren WilliamsDarryn PughJohn Davey, NZ
John BennettHeath BlairGray McKinnel, NZ
Doug GrayMichael SullivanJeff McClintock
Dan BolwellPeter JonesGrant Maynard
Sean HennessyHeath BlairDarrell Galpin
John BennettDarryn Pugh
Ryan SullivanJames FowlerMichael Sullivan
Heath BlairDavid BrowneJeff McClintock
Darryn PughHugh MacLaurinGrant Maynard
Peter JonesGokulan GopalDarrell Galpin
Darryn PughJeff McClintockDan Bolwell
Heath Blair Grant MaynardCaleb Bolwell
Peter JonesMichael SullivanMark Gilligan
Sam TullyDarren SinglineMatt Benn
Darryn PughEuan PenningtonJeff McClintock
Phillip StonesJohn BennettCalum McClintock
Darren SinglineCraig JunorMichael Sullivan
Darryl GalpinJoanne JunorRyan Sullivan
Darren SinglineDan BolwellAdrian Hamilton
Calum McClintockCaleb BolwellJames Fowler
Jeff McClintockPaul AntonelloRobert Strang
Michael SullivanTim NashHugh MacLaurin
Jeff McClintockTim NashMichael Sullivan
Calum McClintockPaul AntonelloRyan Sullivan
Grant MaynardDan BolwellDarren Singline
Wade BritonCaleb BolwellPhillip Stones
Tim NashJames FowlerJeff McClintock
Doug SuterRobert StrangCalum McClintock
Caleb BolwellHugh MacLaurinMichael Sullivan
Dan BolwellNic McLaughlinGrant Maynard3.33
2020Victoria - T Nash, Evandale 1Evandale 23.39
James FowlerWade BritonNick Willey
Lizanne FoxMichael SullivanBrett Richardson
Ethan EllulDarren SinglineJoel Dulhunty
Simon WeirBridie MaynardTom Thomson3.41

The Family Relay

1999Hennessy, VicSullivan, TasJany, Tas
2000Hennessy, VicSullivan, TasJany, Tas
2001Sullivan, TasHennessy, VicGray, Vic
2002Sullivan, TasWegener, QldGray, Vic
2003Sullivan, TasBlair/Pugh, TasGray, Vic
2004Blair/Pugh, TasJany, TasRobertson, Tas
2005Robertson, TasPugh/Blair, TasGray, Vic
2006Gray, VicJany/Robertson, TasHogan/ Clark, NSW

The Biathlon

1988Rod Bracken, TasDavid Pinkerton, EngPaul Smith, Eng
1989Doug Pinkerton, EngMatthew Driver, ACTRod Bracken, Tas
1990Matthew Driver, ACTDoug Pinkerton, EngPhillip Tuck, Tas
1991Matthew Driver, ACTDean Smith, QldPhillip Tuck, Tas
1992Phillip Tuck, TasMatthew Driver, ACTMichael Heaton, Qld
1993Gerald Monson, TasPhillip Tuck, TasMichael Waddell, NSW
1994Gerald Monson, TasPhillip Tuck, TasJohn Pejkovic, NSW
1995Jon Hume, NZGerald Monson, TasIan Bray, Vic
1996Phillip Tuck, TasGareth Johnson, ACTGerald Monson, Tas
1997Sean Hennessy, VicNoel Sutherland, NZGarry Clarke, WA
1998Sean Hennessy, VicGreg Nunn, VicGerald Monson, Tas
1999Heath Blair, TasSean Hennessy, VicGreg Nunn, Vic
2000Heath Blair, TasNoel Sutherland, NZSteven Gray, Vic
2001Lyell Dean, TasDoug Gray, VicTrevor Ryan, Qld
2002Heath Blair, TasPeter Hines, VicLyell Dean, Tas
2003Heath Blair, TasPeter Hines, VicGerald Monson, Tas
2004Heath Blair, TasPatrick Jones, NSWLindsay Munks, NSW
2005Patrick Jones, NSWHeath Blair, TasJames Fowler, NSW
2006Patrick Jones, NSWJames Fowler, NSWJared Robertson, Tas
2007James Fowler, NSWJared Robertson, TasSimon Llewellyn, NSW
2008James Fowler, NSWPeter Hines, VicMichael Cowan, NSW
2009Peter Hines, NSWAdrian Emilsen, NSWJohn Bennett, Vic
2010Peter Hines, QldPhilippe LeBlond, CanadaDarren Williams, Vic
2011Allister Crawford, VicBell Chamberlain, NSWStretch Fowler, NSW5.58.28
2012Peter Hines, QldPhillippe LeBlond, CanadaDaniel Talbot, WA5.13.53
2013Peter Hines, QldJon Dell'Oro, ACTJeff McClurg, NSW
2014Peter Hines, QldMichael Mahboub, NSWCraig Junor, Vic5.24.44
2015Michael Mahboub, NSWDarren Singline, TasCraig Junor, Vic5.05.10
2016Michael Mahboub, NSWPeter Hines, VicTim Nash, Vic5.14.84
2017Adrian Hamilton, NSWTyson Slatter, TasJoshua Junor, Vic5.07.25
2018Peter Hines, QldNic McLaughlin, NSWAllister Crawford, Vic
2019Wade Briton, TasDoug Suter, VicNic McLaughlin, NSW5.21
2020Darren Singline, TasDoug Suter, VicMichael Mahboub, NSW5.27
2022Simon Weir, ACTTom Thomson, QLDDarren Singline, Tas4.44

Miss 'N Out | A Grade

1988Doug Pinkerton, EngPaul Smith, EngAdrian Parker, NSW
1989Doug Pinkerton, EngMatthew Driver,ACTMichael Sullivan, Tas
1990Doug Pinkerton, EngMatthew Driver,ACTMichael Doube, SA
1991Matthew Driver, ACTDoug Pinkerton, EngKeith Lowe, Vic
1992George Papas. NSWRod Bracken, TasPeter Jones, Tas
1993Geoff Olsen, NSWMichael Waddell, NSWMichael Sullivan, Tas
1994Geoff Olsen, NSWPhillip Tuck, TasBrett Richardson, Qld
1995Jon Hume, NZJosef Zimovcak, CzechRobert Wegener, Qld
1996Josef Zimovcak, CzechGeoff Olsen, NSWTrevor Driver, ACT
1998Stephen Passlow, WAGreg Nunn, VicPhillip Dixon, NSW
1999Ryan Sullivan, TasDarryn Pugh, TasPhillip Dixon, NSW
2000Sean Hennessy, VicRyan Sullivan, TasPhillip Dixon, NSW
2001Sean Hennessy, VicRyan Sullivan, TasPhillip Dixon, NSW
2002Ryan Sullivan, TasDarryn Pugh, TasPhillip Dixon, NSW
2003Sean Hennessy, VicPhillip Dixon, NSWDarryn Pugh, Tas
2004David Browne, NSWDarryn Pugh, TasHeath Blair, Tas
2005George Papas. NSWPatrick Jones, NSWDarryn Pugh, Tas
2006Patrick Jones, NSWBrett Richardson, QldPhillip Dixon, NSW
2007Sean Hennessy, VicSteven Gray, VicJames Fowler, NSW
2008Darryn Pugh, TasSteven Gray, VicHeath Blair, Tas
2009Huw Morgan, NSWRyan Sullivan, TasSteven Gray, Vic.
2010Huw Morgan, ACTJames Fowler, NSWDarryn Pugh, Tas
2011Gray McKinnel, NZDoug Gray, VicPeter Jones, Tas10.53.07
2012James Fowler, NSWDarren Williams, VicSteven Gray, Vic6.10.44
2013Sean Hennessy, SAGray McKinnel, NZDavid Browne, NSW
2014Ryan Sullivan, TasJames Fowler, NSWDavid Browne, NSW6.15.22
2015James Fowler, NSWSam Tully, QldEuan Pennington, Vic
2016James Fowler, NSWDarryn Pugh, TasPaul Antonello, Vic5.12.07
2017James Fowler, NSWCalum McClintock, TasTim Nash, Vic5.21.47
2018James Fowler, NSWAdrian Hamilton, NSWDarren Singline, Tas8.26.70
2019James Fowler, NSWDarren Singline, TasDoug Suter, Vic5.58
2020James Fowler, NSWDoug Suter, VicDarren Singline, Tas 4.14
2022James Fowler, NSWSimon Weir, ACTTim Nash, VIC

Miss 'N Out | B Grade

1995Ian Bray, VicRob Millin, TasIan McColl, Qld
1996George Papas, NSWStuart Jany, TasIan Bray, Vic
1998Ryan Sullivan, TasNicky Armstrong, WAStuart Jany, Tas
1999Nick Bocock, NSWRob Millin, TasMichael Sullivan, Tas
2000Stuart Jany, TasNick Bocock, NSWSteven Gray, Vic
2001Andrew Wegener, QldPeter Jones, TasDoug Gray, Vic
2002Robert Wegener, VicMichael Doube, Sth AustDoug Gray, Vic
2003Peter Jones, TasDoug Gray, VicGeorg Bachl, Austria
2004Rodney Bracken, TasPaul Farren, VicIan McColl, Qld
2005Peter Hines, NSWJames Fowler, NSWJared Robertson, Tas
2006Michael Doube, Sth AustMichael Sullivan, TasEugen Schilter, NSW
2007Doug Gray, VicGray McKinnel, SAStewart Gray, NSW
2008Doug Gray, VicLindsay Munks, NSWLuis Guarch, NSW
2009Brett Richardson, QldJeff McClintock, TasEugen Schilter, NSW
2010Amy Vesty, NSWJohn Bennett, VicPhilippe LeBlond, Canada
2012Aaron Wray, QldJeff McClintock, TasPhilippe LeBlond, Canada
2013Kat Jungnickel, NSWJeff McClintock, TasDan Bolwell, Vic
2014Peter Jones, TasJeff McClintock, TasDan Bolwell, Vic
2015Matt Benn, VicCalum McClintock, TasPeter Jones, Tas
2016Calum McClintock, TasTim Nash, VicJeff McClintock, Tas8.00.12
2017Caleb Bolwell, VicLindsay Munks, NSWAllister Crawford, Vic7.10.47
2018Wade Briton, TasNic McLaughlin, NSWCaleb Bolwell, Vic5.40.11
2019Caleb Bolwell, VicTom Thomson, QldCalum McClintock, Tas7.34
2020Brett Richardson, QldPhillip Stones, TasTom Thomson, Qld5.51
2022Brett Richardson, QldJohn O'Brien, VICTom Cogger, Tas


1989Doug Pinkerton, EngPiers Vellacott, VicMichael Sullivan, Tas
1991Phillip Tuck, TasDoug Pinkerton, EngAdrian Parker, NSW
1992Phillip Tuck, TasRod Bracken, TasRob Millin, Tas
1993Mick Debreceny, NSWDavid Minter, QldBrendan Dillon, Vic
1994Mick Debreceny, NSWGerald Monson, TasMario Pagano, NSW
1995Jon Hume, NZGerald Monson, TasGeorg Csiky, Germany
1996Mario Pagano, NSWGerald Monson, TasManfred Cizek, Austria
1997Mario Pagano, NSWDon Speden, NZNoel Sutherland, NZ
1998Mario Pagano, NSWNoel Sutherland, NZGerald Monson, Tas
1999Heath Blair, TasMario Pagano, NSWJohn Sumner, NSW
2000Heath Blair, TasDavid Browne, NSWNoel Sutherland, NZ
2001David Browne, NSWJeff McClintock, TasLyell Dean, Tas
2002Heath Blair, TasDavid Browne, NSWJeff McClintock, Tas
2003Jeff McClintock, TasGeorg Bachl, AustriaDavid Browne, NSW
2004Heath Blair, TasPatrick Jones, NSWDavid Browne, NSW
2005Lindsay Munks, NSWDavid Browne, NSWDetlef Murach, Tas
2006Rod Hollingsworth, NSWLindsay Munks, NSWDetlef Murach, Tas
2007Lindsay Munks, NSWSimon Llewellyn, NSWRod Hollingsworth, NSW
2008Grant Maynard, TasLindsay Munks, NSWDetlef Murack, Tas
2009Grant Maynard, TasGreg Bell, NSWLindsay Munks, NSW
2010Jeff McClintock, TasChriatian Lees, NSWPeter Hines, Qld
2011Grant Maynard, TasNeil Stephens, NSWRod Hollingsworth, NSW1.17.29
2012Grant Maynard, TasPhillippe LeBlond, CanadaNeil Stephens, NSW1.16.90
2013Adam Hooper, NSWGrant Maynard, TasDan Bolwell, Vic1.15.47
2014Grant Maynard, TasMatt Benn, VicMichael Mahboub, NSW1.12.44
2015Matt Benn, VicGrant Maynard, TasJeff McClintock, Tas1.14.34
2016Calum McClintock, TasMichael Mahboub, NSWJeff McClintock, Tas
2017Calum McClintock, TasJeff McClintock, TasLindsay Munks, NSW
2018Grant Maynard, TasCalum McClintock, TasNic McLaughlin, NSW
2019Grant Maynard, TasCalum McClintock, TasJeff McClintock, Tas
2020Grant Maynard, TasCalum McClintock, TasJeff McClintock, Tas1.10
2022Grant Maynard, TasCalum Evans (McClintock), TasSimon Weir, ACT1.05


1987Adrian Parker, NSWMichael Sullivan, TasPeter Waddle, Tas
1990Chris Ford, NSWPeter Jones, TasBrendan Dillon, Vic


2015Darren Singline, TasPaddy O'Sullivan, VicJeff McClintock, Tas
2020Mikayla IrelandBen Cogger, TasGrant Maynard, Tas
2022Darren Singline, TasPatrick Briton, TasHuw Mumford, Tas1.41.60


2000Steven Gray, VicDavid Browne, NSWFrank Heard, Qld
2001Lyell Dean, TasPeter Horsley, VicSandra Dixon, NSW
2002Detlef Murach, TasPeter Hines, VicSally Dillon, Vic
2003David Walker, USAGeorg Bachl, AustriaShane Robertson, Tas
2004Patrick Jones, NSWGrant Maynard, TasRod Hollingsworth, NSW
2005Steven Knight, NSWSean Ifland, NSWBrett Hogan, NSW
2006David Clark, NSWTony Power, VicEve Dodds, NSW
2007Gray McKinnel, SAJoff Summerfield, NSWStewart Downes, NSW
2008Huw Morgan, NSWMichael Cowan, NSWTim Llewellyn, NSW
2009Christian Lees, NSWDerek Williamson, TasJohn Bennett, Vic
2010Darren Williams, VicAmy Vesty, NSWPhilippe LeBlond, Canada
2011Tom Cloudsdale, TasBen Whiteley, TasBruce Stratling, Vic2.08.65
2012Daryl Galpin, TasJohn Davey, NZAaron Wray, Qld1.53.81
2013Adam Hooper, NSWJeff McClurg, NSWHamish Lamb, Qld2.02.59
2014Sam Tully, QldMichael Mahboub, NSWHugh MacLaurin, NSW1.46.25
2015Darren Singline, TasCalum McClintock, TasEuan Pennington, Vic1.48.39
2016Phillip Stones, TasTim Nash, VicPaul Antonello, Vic1.49.97
2017Adrian Hamilton, NSWTyson Slatter, TasAdam Toogood, Vic1.57.90
2018Nic McLaughlin, NSWWade Briton, TasNeil Dawson, NSW1.47.68
2019Doug Suter, VicTom Thomson, QldNick Willey, Qld1.49
2020Patrick Innes, VicPeter Guiver, TasJoshua Junor, Vic1.52
2022Simon Weir, ACTAlexander Scott, ACTNeale McLellan, NSW1.49.12


1985Guy McQuilkin, TasPhil McDonald, VicStan Rumble, NSW
1986Adrian Parker, NSWHarry Clarke, VicPeter Woof, Tas
1987Don Lemin, VicSusie Gray, SAMichael Sullivan, Tas
1988Peter Jones, TasAlbert Pieters, HollandDon Lemin, Vic
1989John Furner, VicHarry Clarke, VicPeter Jones, Tas
1990Peter Jones, TasMatthew Driver, ACTTrevor Driver, ACT
1991Mark Lukey, QldBrendan Dillon, VicRichard Richardson,NSW
1992Harry Clarke, VicRichard Richardson,NSWMark Lukey, Qld
1993Trevor Driver, ACTIan Bray, VicMichael Waddell, NSW
1994Ian Bray, VicGeoff Olsen, VicMichael Sullivan, Tas
1995Evan Ryan, QldPeter Jones, TasSally Thomson, NSW
1996Sally Thomson, NSWMichael Sullivan, TasPeter Jones, Tas
1998Sean Hennessy, VicStephen Passlow, WAPeter Jones, Tas
1999Darryn Pugh, TasPeter Jones, TasTim Stirling, Vic
2000Greg Nunn, TasSean Hennessy, VicRyan Sullivan, Tas
2001Ryan Sullivan, TasDarryn Pugh, TasAndrew Wegener, Tas
2002Heath Blair, TasIan Bray, VicHans Jany, Tas
2003Sean Hennessy, VicGreg Nunn, TasDarryn Pugh, Tas
2004Darryn Pugh, TasPatrick Jones, NSWHeath Blair, Tas
2005Daryl Forest, Sth AustJohn Hennessy, VicSteven Knight, NSW
2006Peter Jones, TasPatrick Jones, NSWSteven Gray, Vic
2007Sean Hennessy, VicJames Fowler, NSWGray McKinnel, SA
2008Daryl Forest, Sth AustDarryn Pugh, TasHeath Blair, Tas
2009Huw Morgan, NSWRyan Sullivan, TasDoug Gray, Vic3.51.94
2010Doug Gray, VicPhilippe LeBlond, CanadaDarryn Pugh, Tas4.00.09
2011Doug Gray, VicPeter Jones, TasJohn Bennett, Vic4.27.88
2012Darren Williams, VicJames Fowler, NSWPeter Jones, Tas3.57.62
2013Darryn Pugh, TasHeath Blair, TasDoug Gray, Vic3.51.60
2014Heath Blair, TasPeter Hines, QldRyan Sullivan, Tas3.54.50
2015Calum McClintock, TasJames Fowler, NSWCaleb Bolwell, Vic4.11.20
2016Euan Pennington, VicJames Fowler, NSWPhillip Stones, Tas3.56.09
2017Darren Singline, TasJames Fowler, NSWPhillip Stones, Tas3.56.62
2018Adrian Hamilton, NSWJames Fowler, NSWPeter Hines, Qld4.04.35
2019Tim Nash, VicJames Fowler, NSWNic McLaughlin, NSW3.55
2020James Fowler, NSWMurray Scott, VicTim Powell, Tas4.16
2022Neil Dawson, NswTom Thompson, QldSimon Weir, ACT


1991Harry Clarke, VicBarry Tunbridge, NSWDavid Jenkins, Vic
1992Michael Doube, SAMitch Patsiavas, NSWIan Aitchison, Vic
1993Richard Richardson,NSWBob Cations, VicTrevor Ryan, Qld
1994David Nyman, TasRon Stevenson, TasRichard Richardson,NSW
1995Geoff Olsen, NSWDavid Nyman, TasBob Cations, Vic
1996David Nyman, TasIan McColl, QldNoel Sutherland, NZ
1998Nick Bromage, EngDarryn Pugh, TasHans Jany, Tas
1999Astrid Passlow, WAGeorge Papas, NSWBob Cations, Vic
2000Rodney Bracken, TasHans Jany, TasJeff McClintock, Tas
2001Ian McColl, QldAlan Sumner, NSWSteve Stevens, USA
2002Ian McColl, QldThomas van der Heuvel, HollandRob Millin, Tas
2003Ian McColl, QldMichael Gruetzner, GermanyBill Donnelly, USA
2004Brett Richardson, QldDetlef Murack, TasBob Cations, Vic
2005Rodney Bracken, TasGrant Maynard, TasNick Triant, NSW
2006Grant Maynard, TasGrant Bond, NSWAndy Doube, SA
2007Robert Wegener, QldBrett Richardson, QldGrant Bond, NSW
2008Stewart Downes, NSWRod Hollingsworth, NSWStretch Fowler, NSW
2009Robert Wegener, QldTim Llewellyn, NSWIan McColl, Qld1.55 97
2010Neil Stephens, NSWAllister Crawford, VicMartin O'Brien, Vic1.59.16
2011Rhonda Gray, VicTony Cooper, Sth Aust.Charee Bolwell, Vic2.23.03
2012Dan Bolwell, VicMartin O'Brien, VicGokulan Gopal, India1.56.35
2013Lindsay Munks, NSWBell Chamberlain, NSWGokulan Gopal, India2.49.01
2014Aaron Wray, QldNeil Stephens, NSWLindsay Munks, NSW1.58.84
2015Lindsay Munks, NSWMark Gilligan, VicAllister Crawford, Vic1.59.53
2016Aaron Wray, QldDan Bolwell, VicMartin O'Brien, Vic1.51.06
2017Daniel Talbot, WADenis Mahboub, NSWJohn Johnson, NSW2.08.22
2018Lindsay Munks, NSWTasman Dillon Hines, QldJohn Johnson, NSW2.06.00
2019Peter Radcliffe, VicLindsay Munks, NSWMark Skimmimgs, NSW2.02
2020Matt Rowe, QldMark Skimmings, NSWEthan Ellul, NSW2.01
2022Justin Lynch, VicTim Powell, TasAllister Crawford, Vic2.04

Road Race | 8 Miles

1983John Wigzell, SAPeter Woof, TasMichael Sullivan, Tas
1984Alan Kloester, SAPeter Woof, TasMichael Sullivan, Tas
1985Alan Kloester, SAGreg Sando, SAPeter Jessop, SA
1986Doug Pinkerton, EngPaul Farren, VicPeter Jessop, SA

Road Race | 20 Miles

1987Michael Doube, SANick Bromage, EngDoug Pinkerton, Eng
1988Paul Smith, EngSusie Gray, SADoug Pinkerton, Eng
1989Doug Pinkerton, EngGraeme Milburn, TasGill Head, Tas
1990Doug Pinkerton, EngMatthew Driver, ACTTrevor Driver, ACT
1991George Papas, NSWRodney Bracken, TasSean Sullivan, Tas
1992Doug Pinkerton, EngGeorge Papas, NSWBrett Richardson, Qld
1993Phillip Tuck, TasMichael Sullivan, TasGerald Monson, Tas
1994David Nyman, TasGerald Monson, TasBrett Richardson, Qld
1995Jon Hume, NZBrett Richardson, QldJosef Zimovcak, Czech1hr.02.00
1996Brett Richardson, QldJosef Zimovcak, CzechPavel Prochazka, Czech
1997Phillip Dixon, NSWGeorge Papas, NSWStephen Passlow, WA
1998George Papas, NSWStephen Passlow, WAPhillip Dixon, NSW
1999Darryn Pugh, TasPeter Jones, TasBrett Richardson, Qld
2000Ryan Sullivan, TasGreg Nunn, TasStephen Gray, Vic59.09
2001Ryan Sullivan, TasAndrew Wegener, QldGreg Nunn, Tas
2002Ryan Sullivan, TasSteven Gray, VicAndrew Wegener, Qld
2003Sean Hennessy, SASteven Gray, VicAndrew Wegener, Qld
2004George Papas, NSWPatrick Jones, NSWHeath Blair, Tas
2005Steven Gray, Vic Darryn Pugh, Tas
Patrick Jones, NSW
2006Patrick Jones, NSWSteven Gray, VicBrett Richardson, Qld
2007Sean Hennessy, SASimon Llewellyn, NSWDoug Gray, Vic
2008Huw Morgan, NSWJames Fowler, NSWSteven Gray, Vic
2009Ryan Sullivan, TasHuw Morgan, NSWJames Fowler, NSW1hr.05 54
2010James Fowler, NSWChristian Lees, NSWHuw Morgan, ACT1hr.06.57
2011James Fowler, NSWSteven Gray, VicDarren Williams, Vic1hr.08.05
2012James Fowler, NSWAaron Wray, QldDarren Williams, Vic1hr.06.39
2013James Fowler, NSWGray McKinnel, NZSean Hennessy, SA1hr.06.09
2014Ryan Sullivan, TasJames Fowler, NSWDarryn Pugh, Tas1hr.05.24
2015James Fowler, NSWMatt Benn, VicJohn Bennett, Vic1hr.07.28
2016James Fowler, NSWAaron Wray, QldDarren Singline, Tas1hr.07.41
2017James Fowler, NSWTim Nash, VicPaul Antonello, Vic1hr.07.55

Road Race - Nile Course | 20 Miles

2018James Fowler, NSWAdrian Hamilton, NSWRyan Sullivan, Tas1hr.12.24
2019James Fowler, NSWDarren Singline, NSWTim Nash, Vic1hr 6.06
2020James Fowler, NSWDoug Sutor, VicDarren Singline, Tas
2022James Fowler, NSWSimon Weir, ACTDarren Singline, Tas1hr 07.11

Ladies Road Race

2008Bel Chamberlain, SAJanis Munro, VicSally Dillon, NSW
2009Sally Dillon, NSWBel Chamberlain, SA
2010Amy Vesty, NSWKat Jungnickel, UKCamilla Norman, NSW1hr.15.33
2011Amy Vesty, NSWCharlotte Barnes, UKKat Jungnickel, UK1hr.16.22
2012Catherine Talbot, WACharlie Farren, VicSally Dillon, Qld1hr.21.57
2013Kat Jungnickel, NSWAudrey Farthing, Vic 1hr.22.32
2014Sally Dillon, QldErin Sullivan, NSWJanis Munro, Vic1hr.27.22
2015Erin Sullivan, NSWJanis Munro, VicAudrey Farthing, Vic1hr.29.33
2016Sally Dillon, QldJoanne Junor, VicAudrey Farthing, Vic1hr.24.22
2017Catherine Talbot, WAJoanne Junor, Vic 1hr.40.29

Ladies Road Race - Nile Course | 20 Miles

2018Sally Dillon, QldAudrey Farthing, Vic 1 hr 54.47
2019Lizanne Fox, NSWMerridy Huxley, NSWTailai O'Brien, NSW1hr 26.08
2020Lizanne Fox, NSWErin SullivanJoanne Junor, Vic
2022Lizanne Fox, NSW1hr 21.01

Sprint at Airport

2005Nicky Armstrong, WA
2006Rod Hollingsworth, NSW
2007Tony Power, Vic
2008Janis Munro, Vic
2009Ron Webster, NSW
2010Geoff Semon, NSW
2011Victoria Armstrong, NSW
2012Charlie Farren, Vic
2013John Hennessy
2014Ian Bray
2015Ian Bray
2016Caleb Bolwell
2017Murray Scott

Sprint at Perth

2005Paul Farren, Vic
2006Patrick Jones, NSW
2007Tony Power, Vic
2008James Fowler, NSW
2009Tony Power, Vic
2010Doug Gray, Vic
2011John Bennett,Vic
2012Catherine Talbot, WA
2013Gray McKinnel
2014Ian Bray
2015Ian Bray
2016Darren Singline
2017Murray Scott

Sprint at Evandale

2005Patrick Jones, NSW
2006Steven Gray, Vic
2007Simon Llewellyn, NSW
2008Huw Morgan, NSW
2009Ryan Sullivan, Tas
2010James Fowler, NSW
2011James Fowler, NSW
2012James Fowler, NSW
2013Gray McKinnel
2014Darryn Pugh
2015James Fowler
2016James Fowler
2017James Fowler

Road 1st Lady

2005Megan Webb, NSW
2006Eve Dodds, NSW
2007Bel Chamberlain, SA

Road 1st Vet | Over 50

2005Paul Farren, Vic
2006Peter Jones, Tas
2007Steven Gray, Vic
2008Steven Gray, Vic
2009Steven Gray, Vic
2010Doug Gray, Vic
2011Steven Gray, Vic
2012Steven Gray, Vic
2013Doug Gray, Vic
2014John Bennett, Vic
2015Chris Duncan
2016Phillip Stones
2017Paul Antonello
2018Paul Antonello, Vic
2019Lindsay Munks, NSW
2020Brett Richardson, Qld
2022Patrick Innes, Vic

Road 1st Vet | Over 60

2005Ron Webster, NSW
2006Ron Webster, NSW
2007Ian Bray, Vic
2008Paul Farren, Vic
2009Peter Jones, Tas
2010Peter Jones, Tas
2011Peter Jones, Tas
2012Peter Jones, Tas
2013David Pell, Vic
2014Ian Bray, Vic
2015John Bennett
2016Ray Patton
2017Hugh MacLaurin
2018Josef Zimovcak, Czech
2019Nick Willey, Qld
2020Peter Radcliffe
2022Brett Richardson, Qld

Road 1st Vet | Over 70

2007Peter Matthews, Ireland
2008Peter Matthews, Ireland
2011John Hennessy, Vic
2012John Hennessy, Vic
2013Ron Webster, NSW
2014Ron Webster, NSW
2015Austin Danelutti
2016Ian Bray, Vic
2017Murray Scott, Vic
2018Ian Bray, Vic
2019Murray Scott, Vic
2020Murray Scott, Vic
2022Peter Radcliffe, Vic

Road 1st Vet | Over 80

2008Col Gibson, NSW

Road Lanterne Rouge

2002Andy Doube, Sth Aust.
2003Tony Brady, NZ
2004Stan Rumble, NSW
2005Andy Doube, Sth Aust.
2006Andy Doube, Sth Aust.
Brendan Dillon, Vic
2007Andy Doube, SA
2008Andy Doube, SA
Col Gibson, NSW
2009Michael Sullivan, Tas
Jonathan Fowler, NSW
2010Brendan Dillon, Vic
2011Janis Munro, Vic
2012Stretch Fowler, NSW
2013Dan & Caleb Bolwell, Vic
2014Stretch Fowler, NSW
2015Jeff McClurg
2016Phil Jurd
2017Joshua Junor
2018John Johnson, NSW
2019Austin Danelutti, NSW
2020Laurence Outim, NSW
2022Johnathan Fowler NSW & Phillip Stones Tas

Best Tasmanian Overall

1985Peter Woof
1986Peter Waddle/Peter Woof
1987Peter Waddle
1988Peter Jones
1989Gill Head
1990Peter Jones
1991Sean Sullivan
1992Rodney Bracken
1993Phillip Tuck
1994David Nyman
1995Rodney Bracken
1996Michael Sullivan
1997Stuart Jany
1998Michael Sullivan
1999Daryn Pugh
2000Ryan Sullivan
2001Ryan Sullivan
2003Darryn Pugh
2004Darryn Pugh
2005Darryn Pugh
2006Heath Blair
2007Peter Jones
2008Darryn Pugh
2009Ryan Sullivan
2010Jeff McClintock
2011Darryn Pugh
2012Jeff McClintock
2013Grant Maynard

Best Australian Overall

1984Alan Kloester
1985Alan Kloester
1986Doug Pinkerton
1987Michael Doube
1988Stephen Wigzell
1989Matthew Driver
1990Matthew Driver
1991Matthew Driver
1992Brett Richardson
1993Mitch Patsiavas
1994Evan Ryan
1995Trevor Driver
1996Brett Richardson
1997Brett Richardson
1998Steve Passlow
1999Phillip Dixon
2000Sean Hennessy
2001Ryan Sullivan
2002Ryan Sullivan
2003Sean Hennessy
2004Patrick Jones
2005David Browne
2006Patrick Jones
2007Sean Hennessy
2008Huw Morgan
2009Huw Morgan
2010Huw Morgan
2011James Fowler
2012James Fowler
2013Sean Hennessy
2014Ryan Sullivan
2015Darren Singline
2016James Fowler
2017Darren Singline
2018James Fowler, NSW
2019Tim Nash, Vic
2022Simon Weir, ACT

Airport Sprint

1992Doug Pinkerton, EngSean Sullivan, TasMichael Sullivan, Tas
1993Rod Bracken, TasMichael Sullivan, TasRob Millin, Tas
1994Brett Richardson, QldRod Bracken, TasMichael Sullivan, Tas
1995Brett Richardson, QldJosef Zimovcak, CzechJon Hume, NZ
1996Brett Richardson, QldJosef Zimovcak, CzechMichael Sullivan, Tas
1997Brett Richardson, QldMichael Sullivan, TasStephen Passlow, WA
1998Brett Richardson, QldGreg Nunn, TasStephen Passlow, WA
1999Brett Richardson, QldRyan Sullivan, TasStuart Jany, Tas
2001Ryan Sullivan, TasGreg Nunn, TasTim Stirling, Vic
2002Ryan Sullivan, TasGreg Nunn, TasHeath Blair, Tas
2003Sean Hennessy, SAGreg Nunn, TasRyan Sullivan, Tas

Ladies Airport Sprint

1992Gill Head, Tas
1993Gill Head, Tas
1994Gill Head, Tas
1995Gill Head, Tas
1996Gill Head, Tas
1997Pip Sutherland, NZ
1998Nicky Armstrong, WA
1999Nicky Armstrong, WA
2001Nicky Armstrong, WA
2002Nicky Armstrong, WA
2003Sally Dillon, NSW