The Races

Competition for Everyone

Since 1983 the Evandale Village Fair and National Penny Farthing Championships has built up a reputation for holding the most competitive Penny Farthing races in the world. There are also many other events held throughout the day for riders of all ages and skill levels.

Events on The Day

National Penny Farthing Championship

The feature race of the day with the eight fastest riders racing over 4 laps of the circuit.

The Slow Race

Last over the line wins.


Two riders at a time around witches' hats.

Novice Race

A separate race specifically for first-time riders.


A high-speed 200m dash!


A team event, with 4 riders per team racing one lap each.


Riders must run one lap, ride two more, then run their last.

Miss 'n Out

The last rider on each lap is eliminated until only one rider is left.


Run, carry bike, wheel bike, sprint


One last chance for those who haven't won a medal.

Clarendon Road Race

The Road Race is held over 20 miles. Starting from Evandale the race heads south from Evandale to the finish at historic Clarendon Homestead. The fastest riders take just over an hour to complete the course.

This race is held on Sunday following the Village Fair at 10am, and takes riders South from Evandale towards Nile.